Nairobi Expressway Announces Job openings; No Degree Required; Here’s How to Apply

Moja Expressway Corporation, the operator of the Nairobi Expressway, has posted 50 job openings open to applicants with and without degrees. In a post shared on their official website on 1st March, the firm is looking to recruit sales and marketing representatives to enhance operations on the Nairobi Expressway.

Moja Expressway Corporation Job Description and Roles

Moja Expressway is seeking sales and marketing representatives to promote its Electronic Toll Collection Service (ETCS). Although Nairobi Expressway has seen a steady rise in daily use, the applicants will also be responsible for enrolling new motorists to meet monthly and quarterly targets.

In addition, they would be accountable for any relevant additional duties such as responding to inquiries from drivers using the elevated roadway.

Eligible candidates must fulfill prerequisites for general knowledge and work experience, with the latter stipulating a one-year minimum. In addition to having a successful track record in sales, potential candidates must be extremely motivated and goal-driven.

Interested applicants should have great communication skills, tenacity and the ability to work effectively with others. For good measure, they should also exhibit excellent customer service abilities.

Here’s how to apply

Visit the Nairobi Expressway Company’s website at nairobiexpressway. ke. 

To access the career page, select the ‘Careers’ option from the top menu.

Click the “Service Center Sales and Marketing” tab under the list of common job categories. This click takes you to a page listing the position’s duties, responsibilities, and competencies. 

Choose “Apply Now” after that—a page with an online form loads. Click “Apply Now” after properly completing each of the form’s seven phases.

N.B The following information is needed: biographical data, educational background, job history, certifications and licenses, file attachments, disclosures, and an electronic signature. Those interested in the position are urged to apply by 10th March.

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