How to acquire an Electronic Toll Card (ETC) for the Nairobi Expressway


When riding the Nairobi Expressway, there are three options for toll payment: cash, the MTC Card (Manual Toll Collection) and the ETC Method (Electronic Toll Card). The first option involves no effort on your behalf. Drive to the toll station entry point, select a ticket and pay with cash at the exit.

One must visit the MOJA Expressway Company in either Lavington or Mombasa road for the MTC and ETC payment methods. The MTC technique is a cash-loaded card. It is activated at the entry and exit locations. Like the cash approach, it does not save time because everyone who possesses it must line up. An ID card is a requirement for the process.

The ETC method is the quickest way to use the Nairobi Expressway. However, it necessitates the installation of an On-Board Unit in your vehicle. Unlike the OBUs that come with used Japanese automobiles, the MOJA Expressway OBU is totally wireless. As a result, no wiring will be done in your vehicle. It features a small solar panel. When you approach the toll gate, the cameras automatically detect vehicles at the entry and exit gates.

What you’ll need to acquire the ETC for the Nairobi Expressway:


  • Your Logbook
  • Your National ID 


  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Company PIN Certificate 
  • Original and Copy of Contact Person’sPerson’s ID/Passport
  • a copy of the vehicle’s Logbook 
  • Authorization letter

How to Apply for an ETC for the Nairobi Expressway:

  1. Visit customer. nairobi expressway. ke.
  2. Click “Create Account.”
  3. Select ”Individual” or ”Corporate” Account.
  4. Fill in the needed information and click “Submit.”
  5. Enter the Verification Code sent to you via SMS.
  6. Once on your Profile Dashboard, click “Apply” for new ETC.
  7. Fill in the needed information, including uploading a scan of your ID/Passport and a copy of your Logbook.
  8. Choose an installation centre in Lavington or on Mombasa Road.
  9. Visit the installation centre and inform them that you have completed the relevant data online.

How to top up your ETC:

  1. You may top-up with M-Pesa through Standard Chartered Bank from the dashboard on customer.nairobi
  2. You may also top up with M-Pesa via Stanbic Bank by dialing *208#.

How to check your balance:

You may check your balance every time you cross the Nairobi Expressway. This data is shown on a screen ahead. However, this may only work depending on how quickly one exits a toll gate. One may also log into a portal and view your statement. The statement also indicates entry and exit points, as well as the precise timing and cash balance before and after payment. The Nairobi Expressway has the potential to revolutionize vehicular movement in and around Kenya’s congested capital, Nairobi.

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